Family Owned and Operated
Tree Service Since 1989 in vero beach, fl


Licensed & Insured

With more than 3 decades of experience in the industry, we are proud to say we have an impeccable safety record and are fully licensed and insured to provide tree work services in and around Vero Beach, FL.


Certified Arborist

Having a certification demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and expertise, which is beneficial both professionally and personally.


Reliable & Trustworthy

King Tree Management is the ideal choice for reliable and trustworthy services. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are highly experienced in providing quality tree care.


Professional & Experienced

Our certified arborists specialize in preventative tree care, diagnosing and treating any problems before they become a major issue.

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Our Services

We have a full service Tree Crew

King Tree Management is your top choice for full-service tree care. Our experienced and dedicated team with a certified arborist is highly skilled in the art of proper tree management. 

Tree Trimming And Pruning

Choosing King Tree Management for tree trimming and pruning services is the best decision you can make for your landscape. Our experienced team with a certified arborist, who specializes in tree care, has the knowledge and expertise to ensure the health and safety of your trees, as well as enhance their beauty.

Emergency Tree Services

When it comes to emergency tree services, there’s no better option than King Tree Management. Our team of tree care specialists is highly experienced in dealing with urgent tree situations.

Tree Removal

King Tree Management is the leading provider of tree removal services in Vero Beach, FL. With an experienced and professional team, we can provide safe, reliable, and efficient tree removal services for residential and commercial properties.

Stump Grinding

 Our seasoned team trained to safely and efficiently grind stumps, removing them from your property with minimal disruption. We use only the best quality stump grinding equipment and offer competitive pricing to ensure satisfaction with our services.

Certified Arborist Services

King Tree Management is an industry leader in certified arborist services. Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals consistently strives to provide top-quality, professional tree care services.

We are your Trusted and Professional Certified arborists You can count on

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About Us

John King Sr. started King Tree Management in 1989.

During those early years, his sons Johnny and Jordan worked with him after school and every summer.

They managed a lawn route and supervised a maintenance crew as teenagers. Johnny was hired with the Fire Department at 20 years old and helped John Sr. manage the tree service division on his days off. Jordan managed the lawn route and eventually bought the business from his father. When King Landscape Management completes a service at your Vero Beach property, they put the King family name on it. John King Sr. taught his sons to work hard, work smart, and do the best they can. They take pride in the services offered and ensure that their clients are proud of the job well done.

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why choose us

King Tree management is the only choice if you’re seeking dependable tree care from a team of professionals

Here are some more reasons for picking us:
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Family Owned & Operated

King Tree Management is a family-owned and operated business, meaning that we understand the importance of taking care of our customers as if they were part of our own family.

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Licensed and Insured

With more than 3 decades of experience in the industry, we are proud to say that we have an impeccable safety record and are fully licensed and insured to provide tree work services in and around Vero Beach, FL.

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Reliable & Trustworthy

King Tree Management is highly reliable and trustworthy. The company has built a solid reputation as a leader in tree care services through its personal commitment to excellence and quality across every aspect of the business.

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Professional & Experienced

King Tree Management is an experienced, professional tree care provider that has been serving customers in the area for over 30 years.

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Emergency Tree Services

We understand the importance of responding quickly and efficiently during times of trouble and are dedicated to providing swift and effective solutions for our customers.

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Get A Free Quote

At King Tree Management we strive to give all of our clients the highest quality of service at an excellent price. That is why we offer free quotes on all of our services before any work is done.

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Affordable Prices

When it comes to tree services, King Tree Management provides an unbeatable package of affordability and quality. Our experienced team of certified arborists offers a range of services designed to keep your trees healthy and looking great for years to come.

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Friendly Customer Service

At King Tree Management, we understand the importance of excellent customer service. That is why we have a team of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience.

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What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say ABout us

  • WOW! Impressed, lacks the feeling that hiring King to remove trees gives you. John King and his team of experts really understood what I was looking for. John and his... read more

    Richard Schechter
    March 2, 2022

    Amanda LaBelle
    July 2, 2022

    ABC 123
    March 2, 2022

Service Areas

King Tree Management is the best option if you’re seeking a business that can offer you high-quality tree services

We have a team of specialists that are licensed, insured, and well-versed in the field who have been working in the industry for decades. We offer a variety of services in the following areas:
Photo Gallery

Checkout Some of Our Latest Projects

Here, you can view a wide variety of photos that showcase our commitment to excellence in tree management. We take pride in providing top-notch services to both residential and commercial customers throughout the area. We are dedicated to helping people maintain healthy, beautiful trees while preserving their natural beauty.

King Tree management is dedicated to providing the highest quality tree service to property owners in Vero Beach and the surrounding areas.

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to helping you keep the trees on your property in their best shape


510 33rd Ave, Vero Beach, FL 32968

(772) 633-1939

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