Are Hollow Trees Dangerous: What You Need to Know

Don’t panic if you notice hollow trees on your property. Many tree species develop hollow spots and do not require removal services or immediate attention. However, dying trees suffering from infections and diseases may require removal services by tree service professionals in Vero Beach, FL

Invasive wood-boring insects actively seek hollow trees to build nests, reproduce, and find shelter. This blog outlines the various dangers of hollow trees and how property owners can encourage healthy tree growth and create breathtaking landscapes in Florida. 

Understanding Hollow Trees 

Hollow trees form when environmental conditions, improper pruning cuts, or the tree’s natural growing cycle creates cavities in the tree trunk. You can find countless hollow trees in the forest, many of which grow for many years and never experience severe damage to their vascular systems. However, property owners should look out for the following signs of a diseased, hollow tree: 

  • Epicormic growth
  • Included bark 
  • Defoliation 
  • Fungal infections 
  • Frost cracks 

Hollow trees fighting off infections or suffering from fungal infections pose serious safety hazards. As tree diseases break down sapwood and heartwood layers, your trees increase the risk of falling over or collapsing. Work with licensed and insured arborists to identify tree health concerns in your hollow trees. 

Dangers of Hollow Trees 

Hollow trees risk damaging windows, roofs, and nearby structures when neglected. Some of the most common dangers of hollow trees on your property include the following: 


Subsidence involves weak, hollow trees growing in unsuitable soil conditions. Many clay soils create perfect conditions for subsidence and risk causing severe aesthetic and functional problems on your landscape. Contracting and expanding soils create weak foundations for hollow trees, frequently leading to collapsed trees. 

Insect Infestations 

Wood-boring insects like powderpost battles, termites, and carpenter ants prefer using hollow trees for nutrients and shelter. Unfortunately, invasive insects can eventually invade your home, wreaking havoc on indoor wooden surfaces. Inspect your hollow trees monthly for signs of problematic insect infestations. 

Reduced Foliage 

Trees using all their energy to repair wounds fail to develop robust canopies or adequate foliage. This is particularly important in scenarios where you need to save a split tree. Always work with highly trained professionals when trimming and pruning your trees to prevent wounded trees from becoming dying trees. Inspect any tree holes or cavities for discoloration or fungal infections to assist your tree’s vascular system and ensure abundant foliage growth. 

How to Grow Healthy Trees 

Professional arborists undergo extensive tree health training. Services offered by helpful tree experts in Indian River County include: 

  • Trimming and pruning services
  • Soil quality testing 
  • Emergency tree removal services

With the help of highly-trained professionals, you can ensure the healthy growth of your hollow trees. Enter the summer season confidently by giving your beautiful trees the TLC they need to thrive. 

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