How to Stop a Tree From Growing Too Tall

Want to know how to stop a tree from growing? In this post, King Tree Management, your preferred tree service company in Vero Beach, FL, explains more about how to manage tree growth. 

how to stop a tree from growing

When Is a Tree Getting Too Big?

Large trees are popular but come with issues of their own. If you have a smaller property, a big tree can make it feel crowded or even pose a threat to your home’s safety. 

Your tree might pose a danger if it is within:

  • 10 feet of any utility, whether overhead or underground
  • 15 feet of a structure like a house or a garage
  • 10 feet of a drive or road

Signs of looming trouble include overhanging branches, roots pushing up pavement or fences, and branches that touch power lines. Any tree that might fall on someone’s property might cause issues.

How to Stop a Tree From Getting Too Tall

Now, let’s look at how to stop a tree from growing too tall. 


Corrective trimming can prevent the tree from getting too tall or too wide. This may involve pruning the crown, which usually requires the expertise of a tree service. The best time to trim the branches is in winter or very early spring when the tree is dormant. 

Experts will use one of two methods:

  • Crown reduction pruning is carefully thinning the crown to improve airflow and sunlight penetration. It’s important to avoid tree topping, as the effects of such practices can be detrimental to the tree’s health. You cannot, however, remove the main apical stem, or you can kill the tree, so never lop off the top.
  • Developmental pruning begins when the tree is still young and ensures that the tree is healthy. It can also train the branches to grow in a desirable formation.

Plant Growth Regulators

Arborists may use hormones to slow down the tree’s growth. We inject these compounds into the tree’s base so that it sprouts less and remains smaller in size. We typically use this technique because growth is too fast for the limited resources available. 


While there are ways to slow growth, your best defense is to choose the right species in the first place. When planting a new plant, you should always check how big it will get and what the implications are. Doing so saves you a lot of time and expense. It also prevents the heartache of tree removal later, which can impact your landscaping. If you have a smaller space, consider planting miniature or ornamental trees that won’t grow as big, or planting trees in containers. 

If you’re not sure about what to plant, consulting an arborist or landscaper is the best way to save time and money later.

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