What Causes a Tree to Only Have Branches on One Side?

tree only has branches on one side

The benefits of having a healthy, beautiful tree on your property are nearly endless. From boosting curb appeal to enhancing property value, you can never go wrong with planting a few trees in your yard.

Unfortunately, when your tree only has branches on one side, enjoying its benefits can be hard to do. On top of making your tree less visually appealing, such situations could be a sign that the tree is ill or dying. While you can remedy the situation, you have to first determine the cause.

This article will help you learn why half your tree has dead branches and why consulting a professional tree service company in Vero Beach, FL, is essential.

What Causes a Tree to Only Have Branches on One Side?

Depending on its species, having a tree that only has branches on one side can be extremely concerning. The good news is that you can prevent the tree from dying completely. But first, you need to know the underlying cause.

Here are a few things that could cause your tree to have leaves on only one side.

Tree Diseases

If your tree only has branches on one side, it is most likely suffering from a disease. For instance, verticillium wilt is a fungal disease that could cause your tree’s cells to clog. As a result, water and nutrients will no longer be able to reach the leaves.

Fusarium wilt is another tree disease that interferes with your root’s water-conducting vessels. This restricts the flow of water and nutrients and can cause your tree’s foliage to wilt and turn yellow.

Insect Infestations

The decline of your tree’s health could also be a result of insect infestations. For example, insects like beetles can burrow through your tree’s bark, disturbing the flow of nutrients. In extreme cases, the infestation could spread further, causing your tree to weaken further and eventually die.

Environmental Causes

Sometimes, the reason your tree only has branches on one side could have nothing to do with diseases or insect infestations. It could be the result of environmental factors, such as:

  • Soil compaction
  • Surface root damage
  • Stem girdling roots

Extreme Weather Conditions

Has your tree recently suffered a lightning strike? This could be why it no longer has half its leaves.

Depending on the location and how it traveled through your tree, a lightning strike could have compromised your tree’s vascular system, impacting the flow of nutrients and water.

Treating a Half-Dead Tree

When your tree only has branches on one side, two things can happen. It will either recover or completely die. Whatever happens will depend on the treatment plant you implement and how quickly you do so.

Fortunately, our team at King Tree Management is here to offer the assistance you need. We can even help you learn how to tell if a tree is dead. Call us today at (772) 633-1939 for a free estimate on solutions that will help return your tree to its former glory.

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