What Causes a Tree to Die?

What causes a tree to die? In this article, King Tree Management, your go-to team for reliable tree removal in Vero Beach, FL, explains the most common causes. 

what causes a tree to die

Adverse Environment 

When you’re growing any tree species, you must make sure it has what it needs to survive and thrive. If you plant a tree that likes rich soil and a lot of water in a sandy patch during a drought, it’ll never thrive. 

In these cases, it’s not only the lack of water that might be killing the tree. A plant undergoing drought stress is weaker than normal, making it more susceptible to diseases like Armillaria Root Rot or pest infestations. Under better-growing conditions, the tree might be able to shrug off the secondary issue.


Trees are highly resilient, meaning they can live for decades or even centuries. However, they’re subject to natural disasters, inclement weather, and other catastrophic damage, for example, lightning strikes, heavy storms, root damage due to construction, and anything else that might wound the tree. 

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to prevent tree death here. What you can do, however, is to make sure your tree’s in the best possible shape to increase its chances of recovery. 

Disease and Bugs

If you’re wondering what causes a tree to die despite ideal growing conditions, the answer’s normally pests and diseases. Healthy plants put up a good fight but may lose against virulent pathogens or pests without help. 

For this reason, it’s best to call the professionals if you notice signs of disease or pest infestation. 

Old Age

Trees have a natural life cycle, much like we do. However, most die due to other reasons first. It can take hundreds of years for some species to reach this point of decline. When this happens, the tree starts to ail, and it takes longer to heal damage.

It sections off the wounded areas and carries on growing. But, over time, it no longer has the vigor it displayed in its use. It takes longer to heal and bears more and more scars. The process of making food slows down, and the tree enters a downhill spiral. 

Contrary to what you might expect, it sends out new shoots in a last-ditch attempt to save itself. However, this only strains the tree even more, resulting in the new sprouts being weak. The tree eventually dies and begins to decompose. 

Human Intervention

Many trees die due to human intervention. This may be because we harvest them for their wood or we remove them for our own reasons. Maybe you’ve got a tree that’s too big for your yard, or you want to put something else in its place. 

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