How To Stop Tree Roots From Growing Back on Your Vero Beach, FL, Property

Imagine finally cutting down that hazardous or unhealthy tree and celebrating your arboreal win, only to find the roots growing underground weeks later. Some people may ignore the roots, but that’s rarely a good idea.

More savvy landscape owners will immediately start researching how to stop tree roots from growing back. The roots of diseased trees can spread the disease to other trees on your property. Even with seemingly healthy roots, you don’t want them competing for nutrients with other plants.

King Tree Management, a top-tier tree service in Vero Beach, Florida, discusses the top tips for preventing tree root reappearance.

Use Homemade Remedies To Kill the Roots

Luckily, you can choose from a long list of home remedies for keeping tree roots from growing back. Go over them and decide which ones work best for you. Some of the most popular options include using vinegar, rock salts, and boiling water.

To use these remedies, you’ll need to drill holes in the roots first. Also, you may have to wait a few months for the roots to actually die, depending on their size.

However, using the remedies is a good starting point for anyone thinking about how to stop tree roots from growing back. 

Use a Root Barrier

Root barriers consist of special sheets that can keep the roots from growing further. They come in metal, concrete, or plastic forms. Homeowners choose root barriers mostly when they want to keep the roots away from pipes, the foundation, sidewalks, etc.

Use Chemical Herbicides

Chemical herbicides make a great choice if you want faster methods to stop tree root growth. They typically contain compounds like triclopyr and glyphosate.

You can use the herbicide by exposing as much of the problem roots as possible and applying it with a spray or paintbrush. A note of warning: These herbicides can harm the trees you intend to keep. Therefore, make sure you avoid getting the herbicide on them.

Dig Out the Remaining Tree Roots Manually

If you’re up for manual labor, preventing tree root regrowth is as simple as grabbing a chainsaw, a shovel, and a pry bar. Using these tools, you cut and dig up the roots. However, this process is challenging and may not work for larger, vast root systems.

Remove the Stump

Mostly, tree roots keep growing because the stump remains. You can remove the stump in two ways. The first one involves stump poisoning. It works like herbicides, except you fill the stump with the chemical this time.

This easy approach aids in avoiding the reemergence of tree roots. However, the dead stump and roots may constitute an unsightly mess in your yard.

The second option is stump grinding. A tree specialist will use a stump grinding machine to remove the stump and roots completely.

Get Expert Help With Halting Tree Root Resprouting

Do you need further help with how to stop tree roots from growing back or cutting tree roots on your landscape? We can help!

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