3 Things You Need To Know Before Planting Trees in Your Front Yard in Vero Beach, FL

Isn’t planting trees in your front yard one of the best parts of having a yard? Whether it be for the legacy of a tree or some yield each harvest, landscaping with trees in front yard settings can cool your climate, freshen the air, provide shelter for nearby wildlife, and make your yard a better place to be. 

Allow King Tree Management, a reliable tree service in Vero Beach, Florida, to share three tips on front yard tree landscaping. Learn more below. 

planting trees in front yard

Tip 1: Sun Awareness Brings Long-Term Benefits When Planting Trees

When choosing a tree to plant in your yard, check precisely where the sun rises and falls on your property. If you plant a tree between the sun and your home, it may help you during the summertime by casting nice, cool shade onto your house. 

If the tree species doesn’t do well in the direct sunlight, this could be a problem. So, when front yard tree planting, check not only where you are planting in relation to the sun’s path but what kind of tree it is.

Tip 2: Choose Native Trees That Will Thrive and Allow Everything Else To Do So As Well

As you consider planting trees in your front yard, consider where you live. The ecosystem and its trees share everything. The tree’s environment, soil types, sun preferences, and water amounts all contribute to how well it will survive in a given spot, but also how it affects everything else near to it. 

Select a specimen that already grows in your region to minimize potential obstacles like transplant stress. While fertilizing young trees and caring for them can mean a lot, a plant must be conducive to its environment to survive. You also want it to complement the natural surroundings, not invade them.

Tip 3: Ensure Your Tree Has Room To Reach Its Full Potential

Tree selection for front yard areas is an exciting process, but there’s much to consider when planting a tree. Is there enough root space and branch space? 

For example, if you’re considering planting trees for curb appeal, you’ll want to plant them no closer to your foundation than 15 or 20 feet away to avoid root complications. Even driveways can suffer under interference from the tree’s root system if it is too close. 

Another reason you shouldn’t plant a tree too close to your home is because the overhanging branches may interfere with your roof, gutters, or siding.

King Tree Management Plants Trees To Last

You know what to do when planting trees in your front yard, so why not get some of the best plant experts in town to help you get the details just right? King Tree Management can help you keep your new trees healthy with just a bit of plant-lover’s advice. Our experienced arborists also prune, care for, and help with fertilizing young trees.

Learn more about how we can help your trees—contact King Tree Management at 772-633-1939!

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