Why Does Proper Backyard Tree Placement Matter in Vero Beach, FL?

When you’re ready to plant trees in your Vero Beach backyard, you may be considering the best, most perfect aesthetic layout that doesn’t block the view. After all, all a tree needs is water and good soil, right?

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple.

Proper front yard and backyard tree placement can make all the difference between having a tree that grows alongside you and your home versus one that will need to be removed in just a few years. There are a variety of factors to consider, such as the type of tree (like deciduous trees, evergreen trees, and ornamental trees) and if there are physical restrictions like prevailing winds.

If you’ve already placed your tree in an unideal location, you may need an expert tree removal company in Vero Beach. But before considering relocating a tree, here’s why proper backyard tree placement matters. 

backyard tree placement

The Consequences of Improper Backyard Tree Placement in Vero Beach, FL 

Though it may be more aesthetically pleasing to have a section of your backyard filled with trees, there can be severe ramifications. For example, improper backyard tree placement can lead to: 

  • Structural damage to trees as roots overtake one another 
  • Unhealthy trees that are more susceptible to disease 
  • Lack of nutrients and inadequate sunlight for the trees

These issues can compound and lead to trees that are unable to grow properly, which means you may need tree removal in Vero Beach, FL.

Planting trees close together isn’t the only type of improper placement, however. For example, placing large trees underneath or close to powerlines can result in electrical damage.

While a certified arborist can help you determine the ideal backyard tree placement, there are some general guidelines. Trees that grow to a maximum of approximately 25 feet can be placed near power lines, but any taller ones risk needing consistent pruning or may need to be placed closer to your home. 

What To Consider With Tree Placement in Vero Beach, FL 

When considering the best place to plant a tree, make sure you understand the necessary criteria for proper tree placement. A location that has optimal soil health, has adequate room to grow with sufficient sunlight, and meets your aesthetic goals are good to start at. There may be more standards you need to consider such as HOA requirements and local laws. 

To make tree planting easy, call the tree experts of Vero Beach, FL, King Tree Management. We’ll help you determine the best placements for your trees.

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